Baltvilla spa etiquette and terms

Atpūta spa

Peaceful rest

The main goal of our spa is to help our guests enjoy a peaceful stay, so we invite every visitor turn off the sound of mobile phones and, if necessary, to speak in a muted tone.

Atpūta Latvijā


In order to guarantee the availability of the desired treatment, we invite you to book an appointment for the spa treatment in advance.

Atpūta Baltezerā

5 minutes

We invite you to visit the Baltvilla Spa 5 minutes before the time reserved for the procedure. This way you will be able to prepare for it in time: ask questions to specialists, inform about your health condition, etc. c.

Sirds veselība dodoties uz spa


Before the procedure, inform the spa specialist about your health condition: injuries, allergies, oncological diseases, etc. as it may affect the course of the procedure.

Baltvilla spa

Heart health

Guests with heart pain, high blood pressure and other health problems, or pregnant women, are advised to consult their doctor before booking an appointment.

Spa Rīgas apkārtnē

If you delay ...

If you miss the start of the procedure, the procedure can be shortened or canceled. Please note that we want to provide quality treatments for every spa guest.

Peldmētelis spa


Guests of the Baltvilla Hotel are kindly requested to attend the treatment in the bathrobe located in your room.

Baltvilla spa higiēna


Please take a shower before the procedure (in the hotel room, if you live in the hotel, at home, etc.).

Roku un pēdu veselība apmeklējot spa

Hand and foot health

For the safety of our guests, we ask that people with nail fungus or similar illnesses do not visit the spa until the illness has been completely cured.

Bltvillas spa apmeklējot


In order to receive a full procedure, we invite you to remove all jewelry. Hotel guests can leave them in the room safe. Hotel Baltvilla’s staff is not responsible for jewelry lost or damaged during spa treatments.

Spa Baltezerā

Inform the specialist

Be sure to tell the specialist performing your procedure if you experience any discomfort or questions during it.

Spa apmklējums Baltvillas viesnīcā

Tea after the procedure

After the procedure, you will be able to enjoy tea or water without rushing.

Spa apmeklējums Baltvillā tikai pieaugušajiem

Adults only

Children under 18 years old are not allowed in the spa.

Spa vīriešiem

Facial treatment for men

We invite men to shave 3 hours before the facial treatment so our specialists will be able to guarantee a better result of the procedure and a more pleasant course.

aizliegts Spa lietot alkoholu vai smēķēt

Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol or smoking are not allowed in the spa. Guests are not served in the spa under the influence of alcohol.

Spa Baltvilla

Before the procedure

We do not recommend using heavy foods or alcoholic beverages before the procedures.