Hospitable mood

Hospitality is the most important value for the team at Baltvilla Restaurant. You can see this in every detail, from its interiors, to menu choices, to the way we serve our guests.

Family values

Family and spending time together are our team’s biggest values. We express them in every detail, including round tables for friendly conversations, an inviting mood, a menu for the entire family, and a playground for our youngest visitors. Our team includes a few families as well, such as our head chef Antons Konstantinovs and his wife, pastry chef Jeļena Konstantinova.

Space and interior design

The interior of the restaurant is in an Art Deco style, and was designed by artist Agija Jansone. The terrace offers a magical view of Lake Baltezers, for a one-of-a-kind enchanting atmosphere. Beautiful sunsets create unusual interplays of colour in every season. In summer, you can enjoy your meal on our spacious terrace, which is one of the points of pride in our restaurant.

Restaurant menu

A meal at our restaurant is a true journey through the universe of flavour, paired with outstanding service and an atmosphere of elegance. In two words, this adventure could be referred to as flavour eclecticism. Our head chef Antons Konstantinovs put the restaurant’s menu together combining traditional flavours with new and creative ways to cook food. He is particularly adept at feeling the fine details of different flavours and their combinations, and he wants to share this experience with every guest of our restaurant, through its menu. Our affable team and wine recommendations by our sommelier will help you on your tour into the universe of flavour.


Our sommelier will select the best wine for your meal

Every wine has its own story. Each wine has been cultivated by the winemaker from the planting of the vines to the pouring of the wine into the glass. Every detail matters, from harvesting and processing grapes, to storage, the selection of bottles, filling, and label design. In order for you to enjoy wine in the way intended by the sommelier, we store it at just the right temperature, serve it in just the right glasses, to accompany just the right meal.

The Baltic Wine List Awards

The wine list prepared by our sommelier saw success in the 2020 Riga Wine & Champagne festival, and was found to be among the 17 best wine lists in Latvia. Wine lists from a total of 90 restaurants and bars had been submitted for the competition.

Our wine list includes some of the classics one can enjoy today. Wine-making regions in France and Italy make up the majority of the selection, with Argentinian and Chilean wines for some diversity in our wine list.

Restaurant rooms

Baltvilla Restaurant has a few rooms and a spacious terrace for you to spend time with your family and friends, for a daily meal or special celebration. Find out more about event options at Baltvilla Hotel and Restaurant!

100 m2

For 80 people

Golden Room

The round tables of the large and elegant Art Deco-style Golden Room create a special mood of cosiness and oneness. The Golden Room is used for lunches and dinners. It also lends itself perfectly to celebrations.

70 m2

For 60 people

Restaurant Glass room

Breakfast is served in this room for our hotel guests, as well as brunch, pancake days and more are organized. It can be combined with the Golden room when our guests want to organize a party with a large number of guests.

200 m2

For 180 people


Our spacious terrace offers a magnificent view of Baltezers. It is a great place to celebrate warm summer days. The terrace has two areas, indoor and outdoor, for parties under the stars or in the warm sunshine.

Experts at adventures in flavour

One of the missions of our restaurant’s specialists is to work as a team, in order to deliver a balanced food adventure for every guest. Our experienced head chef, our sommelier, our pastry chef, and all of the other members of the restaurant team work to deliver a perfect combination of taste, flavour and presentation.

Antons Konstantinovs

Head chef

Antons has worked for more than 20 years in the culinary field, of which 7 he spent as a head chef for banquets at the Bibliotēka and Kolonāde restaurants. In 2017, he became the head chef of the restaurant at Baltvilla Hotel. His remarkable sense of taste and flavour combinations is the key to his success. He loves experiments and discoveries that turn a meal into a true gourmet adventure for our restaurant’s guests.

Rihards Gulbis


Rihards has had more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has worked at the Bibliotēka and Wine Bar restaurants. Rihards joined our team in 2016 as the head of Baltvilla Restaurant and its sommelier. He continuously expands his expertise to be able to bring ever more detailed knowledge about wine to our guests, and is learning French.

Jeļena Konstantinova

Pastry chef

Jeļena is the best pastry chef we know. She has worked in this profession for 10 years. Jeļena has also worked preparing desserts for passengers on Tallink ships. She is a creative spirit who brings fresh ideas to old and well-established desserts, with a knack for inventing original desserts and cakes. The taste of Jeļena’s cakes and desserts will remain in your memory for a long time.

Kristīne Rostoka

Chief guest service manager

Kristīne has a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Hospitality Management. She has also been trained in the standards for providing customer service in restaurants. Kristīne joined the team of Baltvilla Restaurant in 2010, as an assistant waiter. Her commitment, experience and interest in her work and the industry has propelled Kristīne to the position of chief guest service manager. Kristīne is friendly and empathetic, and loves to smile.

Restaurant open hours:

Sunday – Thursday 13 – 21.

Friday – Saturday 13 – 22.


December 24 and 31 restaurant is closed!

On December 25 and 26, we are open from 15.00 – 21.00.

On January 1, we are open from 15.00 – 21.00.


Book a table or party in the Baltvilla restaurant or on the terrace

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