Welcome to Krasta Café!

The sunny season of Krasta Café was great! Thank you to everyone who visited us and enjoyed the summer moments with us in "Baltvilla".

We look forward to welcoming you again as soon as the sunshine and warm days treat us again!



Enjoy freshly prepared street food in nature, right next to the beautiful Baltezers lake, using our picnic spots or creating your own.


Quick and tasty

Satisfy your hunger in 5–10 minutes with a freshly cooked meal.


Freshly prepared

When it comes to street food, we maintain high standards: only fresh produce!

Street food on the shores of Baltezers

Street food dates back to the Greek Empire. Street food was also popular in China, Turkey, Egypt, India and other parts of the world. The street food concept is based on meals made from fresh produce that can be enjoyed virtually immediately!

Street food on the menu at Baltvilla Krasta Café this year

Street food was first popularised in New York, USA, offering hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, breaded meat snacks and other freshly prepared meals to the rushed city dweller, to be enjoyed on the street or in the park.

Quick, easy, simple and above all delicious!

"Street food is not a compromise between quality and speed. With our experience, professional kitchen equipment and teamwork, we are able to offer freshly prepared meals with fresh produce."

Antons Konstantinovs

Head Chef

Preserving nature

The proximity of Lake Baltezers and the beauty of the surroundings allow us to offer you this great opportunity to enjoy a meal al fresco. It's our job and yours to make sure we don't harm the environment and its inhabitants, so...


We provide only eco-friendly and easy-to-use disposable paper containers, as well as waste containers for their disposal.

Invite you

We invite you to help us keep the environment clean and avoid harming the inhabitants of the lake and its surroundings by only disposing of containers in designated areas. Can't find one? Report it to our staff and give them the waste!

Restaurant open hours:

Sunday – Thursday 13 – 21.

Friday – Saturday 13 – 22.



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