Baltvilla Restaurant and Krasta Café

Our story

The story of our restaurant, and Krasta Café, is a story of our head chef Antons Konstantinovs, pastry chef Jeļena Konstantinova and the rest of our team striving to achieve a perfect combination of taste, flavour and presentation, so that you can enjoy an eclectic dining experience every time you visit us. Enhancing it with a visual component is our restaurant’s unique location on the coast of Lake Baltezers, surrounded by a pine forest, and the creative touch of artist Agija Jansone, which she brought to our interior design.

Baltvilla Restaurant

Our remarkable team, of head chef Antons Konstantinovs and pastry chef Jeļena Konstantinova, are the beating heart of the restaurant. Whose incredible skills make it possible to build balanced combinations of taste and flavour, and conjure up an enchanting mood for your everyday meals and special events. The restaurant’s large terrace offers a wonderful view of Lake Baltezers, for relaxed meals in summer, while our elegant Art Deco-style Golden Room is there for you in every season.

Krasta Café

Krasta Café: for summer and sunny days!

This is an opportunity to enjoy delicious street food outdoors, on the shore of Lake Baltezers. You can choose almost any place on the grounds of Baltvilla to set up a makeshift picnic table, or use the picnic tables and chairs provided by Baltvilla. This gives you a unique opportunity of enjoying a fresh, high-quality and delicious meal outdoors. Krasta Café offers high-quality meals, made for those who can’t wait to go back to enjoying the beach.

Celebrations at Baltvilla

Celebrate with your friends or family at Baltvilla Restaurant! Our team will make sure that the event takes place without a hitch, in a mood that you will enjoy. Baltvilla is available for celebrations involving both small and large numbers of guests. There will be enough space and delicious food for everyone.


Enjoy the meals prepared by our head chef Antons Konstantinovs and pastry chef Jeļena Konstantinova in your day-to-day life, and as part of your celebrations! Order a meal at our online shop and pick it up at the restaurant!

Experts at adventures in flavour

One of the missions of our restaurant’s specialists is to work as a team, in order to deliver a balanced food adventure for every guest. Our experienced head chef, our sommelier, our pastry chef, and all of the other members of the restaurant team work to deliver a perfect combination of taste, flavour and presentation.

Antons Konstantinovs

Head chef

Antons has worked for more than 20 years in the culinary field, of which 7 he spent as a head chef for banquets at the Bibliotēka and Kolonāde restaurants. In 2017, he became the head chef of the restaurant at Baltvilla Hotel. His remarkable sense of taste and flavour combinations is the key to his success. He loves experiments and discoveries that turn a meal into a true gourmet adventure for our restaurant’s guests.

Jeļena Konstantinova

Pastry chef

Jeļena is the best pastry chef we know. She has worked in this profession for 10 years. Jeļena has also worked preparing desserts for passengers on Tallink ships. She is a creative spirit who brings fresh ideas to old and well-established desserts, with a knack for inventing original desserts and cakes. The taste of Jeļena’s cakes and desserts will remain in your memory for a long time.

Restaurant open hours:

Sunday – Thursday 13 – 21.

Friday – Saturday 13 – 22.



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