The restaurant Baltvilla invites you to enjoy not only a meal, but also the great atmosphere – in our restaurant nature is combined with space by the winter garden, allowing to enjoy the great view over the Lake Baltezers. Our chef Antons Konstantinovs will pamper the hungry ones, turning their daily meal into a small feast, and will surprise gourmets with a true adventure of taste. The restaurant Baltvilla will please your family on EVERYDAY AND HOLIDAY occasions. The menu always offers seasonal products and European classics.

Warm atmosphere, meal made with love by our chef, the best wine from a professional sommelier, aromatic coffee made with barista’s skills and a unique view over the Lake Baltezers – it’s not a dream, it’s your chance to relax at Baltvilla, which is located only a 15 min. drive from Riga.

Our restaurant will be an excellent choice:

  • if you want to have a hearty breakfast
  • if you are a gourmet and enjoying of food is an integral part of your life
  • if you want to make a pleasant surprise to your beloved one, your friends or colleagues
  • if you want to organise family celebrations, presentations, conferences and other events
  • if you want to regain your strength and relax after an intense working week
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Starters Salads Soups

Tom Yum Soup squid tentacles, tiger prawns, coconut milk 9.50 €

Mushroom goulash tamarind, mushroom trio, pearl barley 8.00 €

Caesar salad with chicken 9.50 € / with tiger prawn 11.50 €

Hot squid salad green leaf salad, arugula, shiitake, bisque sauce 12.50 €

Salmon tartar cucumber, pumpkin – orange sauce, fennel, quinoa 8.50 €

Deer Carpaccio arugula, truffle oil, capers, Parmesan cheese 12.50 €

Ostrich/Beef Tartar colorful beets, quail egg, chestnuts, penny bun powder 11.00 € /10.00 €

Snack platter Chorizo, Grissini, Prosciutto, Brie, Nachos, olives, blue cheese, goat cheese 17.50 €

Mushroom trio eryngi, shimei, penny buns, purple potatoes, kale chips, rye bread chips 9.50 €

Smoked mackerel mini potatoes, spinach cream, quail eggs, chestnuts 8.50 €

Fried tiger prawns pickled tomato, Brussels sprouts, teriyaki, cuttlefish mayonnaise, pomelo, celery-curry puree 10.50 €

Octopus purple potatoes, quail eggs, cranberry mayonnaise, coconut cream, chorizo 15.00 €

Main courses


Tuna 20.50 €

Pike Perch fillet 17.80 €

Red perch 14.80 €

Red snapper 18.30 €

Sides Quinoa, cauliflower – miso puree, shimei, olives, parsnip confit


Beef steak 27.00 €

Beef shoulder 21.75 €

Beef entrecôte 22.00 €

Cattle (USA) Sirloin 34.00 €

Sides Mashed potato with mushroom-truffle paste, fried sweet potato, cognac-matured cranberries with vanilla, carrot souffle


Tomahawks with Sichuan pepper 12.50 €

Breast cooked for 24 hours 10.50 €

Sides Carrot puree, purple potatoes, pickled swede, spaghetti with beetroot cream


Duck breast 14.00 €

Chicken breast with bone 13.50 €

Ostrich meat 25.00 €

Sides Parsnip puree, figs, beetroots, pumpkin matured in honey soy sauce

Sauces to choose from Rowan-sea buckthorn sauce / Porcini sauce/ Calf broth sauce with truffle oil / Chestnut velouté /

Shrimp bisque / Saffron sauce

Wild stews

Roe dear stew with vegetables. Served with rye bread toast, beetroot cream and drained sour cream 8.50 €

Deer goulash with sweet tomatoes and Beluga lentils. Served with rye bread toast, beetroot cream and drained sour cream 8.50 €

 Vegetarian dishes

Portobello with fried goat cheese arugula leaves, pumpkin, parsnip, sun-dried tomatoes 15.00 €

Penny buns with pear barley  mushroom consommé, greens, Parmesan cheese, spinach leaves 12.50 €

Grilled Camembert quinoa peppermint, beets, dried cranberries, hazelnuts 10.50 €


Snikers cake Chocolate biscuit, oriental nougat, salty caramel with peanuts 6.50 Eur

Lavender Cappuccino Cake Coffee biscuit, lavender cheescake, frothed namelaka with coffee caramel 6.80 Eur

Caramel fondant with French chestnuts Tonka bean ice cream, hazelnuts, tangerine fillets 9.00 Eur

Cheese and wine Crispy black sesame biscuit, Gorgonzola cheese, Brie cheese, figs, sesame kasenak 6.50 Eur

One of the benefits delivered by the hotel restaurant: you can enjoy rich and delicious breakfast every day. Our breakfast includes hot dishes (several types of cooked eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, energizing porridge), vast selection of vegetables, cheese and meat snacks. For a healthy start of a day you can choose between several breakfast cereals, including our own homemade muesli, or nuts and dried fruits.

During working days breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:30, but during holidays – from 7:30 to 10:30.

Sundays 7:30 to 12:00

Enjoy late breakfast – Brunch – also with us
Our offer also includes a special surprise for celebration. It is a late breakfast or brunch that allows enjoying holiday morning without a rush – up to 15.00 o`clock. Bruch is a good choice if you want to taste a wide variety of dishes and also make it last longer, enjoying an aromatic coffee or a cup of tea with your family or business partners.

Brunch has emerged in the 19th century in England. But more popularity it has gained in America, where this kind of dining is just like a weekly tradition. Brunches are combined with breakfast food, such as egg with bacon, pancakes or porridge with typical lunch food – fish, salad and meat.

Combining the dishes, which have proven themselves over the years, and the possibilities offered by creative technologies of modern cuisine, Baltvilla offers to go on an adventure of taste.
Dishes of the chef's Antons Konstantinovs inspiration will be supplemented by wines from most recognized wineries, finely selected by the sommelier Rihards Gulbis.

Tasting menu    45 -EUR / 1 pers.  

Wine set         30 – EUR / 1 pers.

Combining the dishes, which have proven themselves over the years, and the possibilities offered by creative technologies of modern cuisine, Baltvilla’s chef Antons Konstantinovs offers You to go on a 9 round journey of taste. Every step of your journey will be supplemented by wines from most recognized wineries, finely selected by the sommelier of Baltvilla – Rihards Gulbis.

Confectioner Ļena Kosicina puts the warmth of her heart and smile in each cake, mini cake or dessert – therefore, sweets at Baltvilla are so specially lovely and sweet. Ļena’s obsession is unusual combinations of taste and texture, which opens opportunities to turn your sweet dreams into reality. Ļena bakes each ordered cake using an individual approach and imagination, reflecting personality and with a guarantee, that you won’t find another cake, which looks the same! Sweets offered by Baltvilla combine well-being, individuality and uniqueness. Each sweet bite is filled with love.

Orders for cakes, sweet and salty pastries you may order by phone 60001466 or by writing to We’d love to hear your sweet desires, cakes fantasies and believe – the confectionary miracle we create will be right for you and yours!

Best for groups of people from two to five

 Shate Brion (0.350 kg)   54.00 €

 Tomahawk Simmentaler (1.100 kg)   115.00 €

 Half-chicken (1 kg )   22.50 €

 Pork ribs (0.8 kg)   33.50 €

 Sides: potato puree, fried pumpkin, eryngi mushroom, three types of sauces

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Our restaurant offers:

  • Meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan food;
  • desserts  made by our chefs special recipes;
  • appropriate wine, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages for a starter, main food and dessert.

Considering that in Latvia is available a wide range of summer and autumn garden food, menu is regularly modified and supplemented with seasonal foods and chef`s specials. Also, we take into account wishes of visitors, so before meals guests are welcome to inform us, for example, about diets and other eating aspects and we will certainly take it into account, because your taste bud pleasing is our hobby.