SPA body procedures

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SPA procedure for soft hands
One of the secrets of eternal youth is well-conditioned face and hand skin. We offer a special procedure during which your hands will be indulged with peeling, warming mask and relaxing and pleasant hand massage.
23.00 EUR
/ 20 min.
SPA body peeling procedure
Skin needs regular peeling to stay healthy, radiant and to resist ageing. Peeling procedure cleans the top layer of the skin from dead cells, improves blood circulation, and your skin will become soft and velvety smooth. We especially recommend combining this procedure with any type of massage.
30.00 EUR
/ 20 min.


SPA body wrapping procedure with proffesional cosmetic line Algologie
Algologie is a professional cosmetic line from France based on active ingredient in algae and herbal extracts and biotechnology products that stimulates blood supply, enhances blood vessel walls, acts on the face and body of the skin, helps preserve beauty and youth. We offer seaweed, green tea, grapes or chocolate wrapping.
35.00 EUR
/ 30 min.
Anti cellulite program for the body
This procedure combines a number of effective anti-cellulite products. Reduced volume, improved metabolism in the skin, resulting in more elasticity and toxin excretion.
58.00 EUR
/ 60 min.