SPA Facial procedures with Biodroga cosmetics

Baltvilla together with Biodroga beauty experts offer to its clients an excellent facial procedures.

Baltvilla SPA offers two different facial procedures with Biodroga cosmetics – anti-age facial procedure with stem cells and the exclusive caviar facial procedure.

Rejuvenating face procedure with caviar extract from Biodroga
An exclusive facial procedure with caviar, offered by Biodroga dragon fruit extract combined with a caviar extract, is a refined formula, which will guarantee an obvious effect and great relaxation for demanding skin. After this procedure, skin will become glowing and relaxed. The caviar concentrate will facilitate cell metabolism and microcirculation in the skin, preventing wrinkles and premature aging caused by the surrounding environment. The Biodroga Caviar & Radiance cosmetics, applied during the procedure, will promote a moisturizing effect and will balance the moisture level of skin, making the skin tone more regular and providing optimal skin care.

Anti-age facial procedure with stem cells from Biodroga
The strengthening anti-age facial procedure involves Biodroga cosmetics from “Anti-age cell formula” cosmetics series, ensuring that the stem cells contained by these cosmetics effectively penetrate skin, facilitating its regeneration, providing a lifting effect and youthful, shining appearance. After this procedure, facial contours will become stronger, the fine lines and wrinkles will disappear.

Our SPA specialists will recommend the most suitable procedure for your face.