Treadmill with body weight relieving device

The gym of the Health Centre Baltezers is one of few places in Latvia which offers a treadmill that can be used by elderly people, people with difficulty moving and people in wheelchairs. The treadmill is equipped with a special harness system which helps people who are unable to support their weight to stand up and use this motion exercise equipment.

Course of the procedure A person who uses a wheelchair, crutches or without accessories is placed on the treadmill (sliding running track). The upper part of the body is fixed with a belt of the appropriate size. The belt is attached to the device which slightly lifts a person in order to reduce the load on the treadmill surface. A physiotherapist conducting the procedure determines the degree of unloading of the lower extremities. Due to lifting of the body, the device can be used by overweight people, people with joint issues, before and after endoprosthetic replacement of large joints and in other cases.

Unlike many standard fitness machines – running tracks, our treadmill can be adjusted for markedly slow walking which is necessary for elderly people. The treadmill is also equipped with adjustable bars which can be used for support during training. Studies have shown that this equipment can help to improve quality and speed of the gait, stability of the trunk in neurological patients. The device is also used to improve or keep the quality of the gait in the patient of orthopaedic profile during postoperative period when it is forbidden to overload hip, knee and foot joints.

Treadmill is used:

  • for patients after stroke,
  • for patients with increased body weight,
  • for patients who need to increase their physical stamina,
  • for patients with injured spinal cord,
  • after lower extremity surgeries,
  • for patients with cerebral palsy, etc.

20 – 45 min. / 12.00 – 25.00