Health Centre Baltezers offers Therapeutic exercisess individually and in groups under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists. The aim of the exercises is to strengthen muscle corset of the spine which improves and ensures stability of the spine segments. The sessions include exercises which are both safe and efficient for prevention and treatment and which improves the general physical training of the body which is required not only in sport, but also in everyday life.

Prevention is the best treatment of backache. Therefore we invite to the sessions not only those who have already had back-related issues, but also the people who want to prevent eventual back-related issues in due time. Therapeutic exercises sessions are intended for people having sedentiary work, sedentiary lifestyle, for prevention of back-related issues and in case of current diseases. Using corrective exercises, you can reduce or eliminate different body deformations, e.g., postural disorder.

Sessions involve strength, stretching and balance exercises, and the most important aspect – training of the deep muscles, as their main function is the stability of the spine and fixation of the skeleton. Exercises are made in prone position, in four standing position and in sitting position. Accessories such as balls, poles, dumbbells, etc. are used during exercises. Great attention is drawn to strengthening of abdominal muscles which is an important anterior support of the lumbar spine.

Therapeutic exercises is not recommended for people suffering from diseases of stomach, gall bladder and other internal abdominal organs, and hypertension. In case of other illnesses please see the healthcare provider in charge of the session.

25 – 50 min. / 12.00 – 22.00

We offer the following group and individual sessions which will help you improve your health through exercise:

  • Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics for pregnant women
  • Exercises “Healthy back”
  • Fight aerobics