HC Baltezers taping with new material – K-Tape

Kinesiologic taping is a popular therapeutic method in sports and in treatment of different muscle and bone injuries and diseases. Kinesiologic tape is a water-proof, elastic cotton tape; its thickness and elasticity is similar to the skin, and it allows the skin to breathe. The main aim of the kinesiologic taping is to initiate self-healing processes of the body.

Kinesiologic tape is often used in case of:

  • backache,
  • ankle sprains,
  • knee and shoulder injuries,
  • after surgeries,
  • in order to decrease oedema,
  • for posture improvement, etc.

In HC Baltezers kinesiologic taping is performed by certified physiotherapists:

  • Inese Feldmane
  • Edvīns Koerns
  • Gints Peleckis
  • Madara Lāce

Procedure price EUR 7.00 + cost of tape / Repeatedly taping 15 min. – EUR 4.00

The duration of the procedure and its price depend on the amount of application. For more information please refer to our specialists – physiotherapists or reception desk. See the section Contacts.