Sling Therapy“sling” – in English – “bond, to hang up”

From now on the Health Centre Baltezers offers also the therapy of elastic bonds or Sling therapy. The Sling therapy is used to achieve improvements in human movement apparatus (muscles, joints and bones). During the therapy of elastic bonds a patient’s body is hanged up with bonds, which helps a physiotherapist to better manage, adjust, and control the motions of the patient. The use of bonds reduces the load, allowing the patient to take a painless body position and to actively do work out in it with fewer difficulties. The use of bonds allows promote relaxing and provides additional sense of security to the patient.

Use of the Sling therapy
The Sling therapy is used in cases of scoliosis; round or flat back, flat feet; “X” or “O” type legs; neurological disorders that resulted in movement disorders; sensory disorders or “clumsy child syndrome”; bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis; enuresis, etc. An individual exercise program is designed to each patient according to his/her age, physical fitness and diagnosis.
Sling therapy also is used in case of movement-support apparatus disorders, for patients after a stroke, injuries and operations.

Sling therapy and its benefits
For the purposes of prophylaxis treatment the Sling therapy is used to increase muscle strength, endurance, strengthen the deep muscles or loosen taut muscles; improve stability of the joints and stimulate sensorimotor system and finally – improve well-being, health, posture and gait, to maintain good physical shape, timely preventing spinal problems.

The Sling therapy is a possibility to give your body healthy tone in individual classes with a physiotherapist. It is one of the most effective methods of physiotherapy for strengthening the deep muscles that support the spine, improves the metabolism in the structures that sit close to the spine (vertebral joint cartilages, inter-vertebral discs, ligaments) When the deep muscles in the back do not work properly, their function is overtaken by the top muscles that hurt from the inadequate load. A row of other back and posture problems also occur. When the deep muscles have been put in motion, the back pain most often ceases. Especially for those that have a chronic pain in the back and the doctors say that “there have been degenerative changes in the spine” or spondylitis (which due to the current general immobile lifestyle is found with almost everybody older than 20 years).

Many family doctors, neurologists, vertebrologists, orthopedists, surgeons have verified the effectiveness of Sling therapy and its importance in treatment of movement-support apparatus disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and for rehabilitation of patients after a stroke, injuries and operations both in hospital and ambulatory.

The Sling therapy is a unique alternative for gym activities or aerobic exercises; moreover, it is done individually by an individual plan for each person with a physiotherapist present. It unifies an active exercise session and modern rehabilitation methods.

Sling therapy is for:

  • Anyone who wants to keep themselves in a good physical shape;
  • If there are problems with movements and the support apparatus pain in the head or the back, joint arthrosis, post-trauma conditions;
  • People that have an immobile or desk-bound work (clerks, commercial drivers, etc.);
  • New mothers and women after birth when the posture has changed, when the back had ached during pregnancy or on the contrary, it has begun aching after childbirth. The Sling therapy will help retrieve and even improve the balance of muscles just like it had been before pregnancy;

Sling therapy can be appointed by any professional but most often it is recommended by neurologists, general practitioners and traumatologists. There is also an option to consult the physiotherapist first and to decide whether a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

One training  25 min. / 12.00