Therapy with MOTOmed exercise machines

Special MOTOmed exercise machines are used in Motomed movement therapy. This therapy is recommended for patients after stroke, patients with multiple sclerosis, spastic paralysis, cerebral paralysis, various muscle diseases, lung diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and when treating any type of restricted movements.

MOTOmed exercise machine makes training sparing, completely safe and motorized. The exercise machine may be used in several modes:

1. Passive training using a motor
Legs or arms are moved by a computer-controlled motor. This type of therapy is especially important in training of paralysed (especially spastic) extremities or preparation prior to individual physiotherapy. Legs and arms are in a relaxed state, muscle tone autoregulates and gradually decreases.

2. Servo training – an active training using motor support
The servo function built in the exercise machine can help to perceive the smallest muscle contractions even in the weakest extremities; the motor stimulates active movements. Patients are often unaware of the fact that they are able to do an active training on their own – servo function provides them with this opportunity. Rehabilitation process can be started early in patients with very weak muscles.

3. Active training
This type of training is similar to active training as it is using an ergometer, when arms or legs work separately, with the opportunity to choose resistance to movements of different degree (up to 20 degrees). If necessary, resistance level or movement direction may be changed.

4. Symmetrical training
When patient train in an active mode, the exercise machine display shows the analysis of the force exerted by the extremities – it shows which extremity presses the pedal weaker and by how much in percentage. This function is especially significant for training in patients with hemiplegia. The exercise machine display constantly shows the time of the training in active and passive modes.

MOTOmed spasticity control function.
Patients may have sudden muscle cramps when training in an active or passive mode which hinders movements. MOTOmed movement protection function registers sudden changes in muscle tone, stops the exercise machine and changes the direction of pedal movement, thus preventing and gradually reducing spasticity. Sensitivity of the exercise machine to spasticity may be regulated when needed.

15 – 45 min. / 5.00 – 12.00