Classic massage

Massage is one of the most ancient techniques of folk medicine and it is still one of the main techniques of body care and treatment. Massage reduces muscle tension and pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Massage has a favourable effect in the skin, muscles and ligaments, it improves physical and mental working capacity, as it improves person’s feelings and emotions and relieves psycho-emotional tension. Therapeutic massage can treat sick parts of the body in order to slows down the progress of a disease, stop its development or reduce consequences of a disease. Therapeutic massage is combines with other procedures.

Massage of the back
The entire back from the neck area to gluten muscles is massaged during the procedure. The procedure relieves pain and reduces muscle tension, has a favorable effect on joints and ligament system of the back. It improves elasticity and mobility of ligaments, accelerates blood and lymph circulation. The procedure gives a pleasant feeling of warmth in the tissues and relief of the tension.
18.00 – 22.00 EUR
/ 30 – 40 min.
Collar zone massage
Neck and shoulder girdle are massaged during the procedure. The procedure relieves pain and reduces muscle tension in the shoulder area. It improves blood circulation in the brain, reduces feeling of tiredness and helps to feel healthy.
15.00 EUR
/ 20 min.
Lumbar, sacral zone massage
Lumbar and sacral spine area and gluten muscles are massaged during the procedure. The procedure is intended for relief of backache and muscle tension, improvement of metabolism and blood circulation.
15.00 EUR
/ 20 min.
Massage with aromatic oils
Aromatherapy has been used for over 5.000 years for body care and cure. This procedure involves classic massage with aromatic oils. The effect of oils may differ – it may be relaxing or refreshing. Oil is absorbed by the skin; it strengthens immune system and improves functions of the entire body. Aromatic oil massage creates a mutual balance of emotions and body.
40 min.
Hot stone massage
The massage is made using hot stones and combining various techniques harmoniously – hand massage and stone massage. During the massage, the hot stones affect deep tissues where tension is accumulated and relax them at the most. Capillary dilatation accelerates the metabolism and blood circulation which help to excrete toxins from the body. Negative energy is neutralized, energy flows are balanced, and a person experiences a harmony of the body and mind.
25.00 – 48.00 EUR
/ 40 – 80 min.

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