Hydrotherapy helps to improve all body feeling.

Underwater massage of the whole body
Underwater massage is the whole body massage in the water which creates positive emotions and a feeling of peace, relaxes, soothes pain, improves metabolism and blood supply, it has a soothing or tonifying therapeutic effect. Underwater massage is also recommended during treatment of musculoskeletal system, in case of ligament sprain, osteochondrosis and injuries.
Underwater massage has a versatile effect on the body systems and organs: it improves functions of cardiovascular system, it improves metabolism, it has a favourable effect on joint and ligament system, it accelerates lymph flow.
20.00 EUR
/ 40 min.
Bubble bath
Hot and cold water is mixed in the water mixer and it is fed under pressure through holes into a bath where water jet massage is made. The procedure has a soft, massaging effect which improves blood circulation, eliminates swelling and soothes pain. It strengthens vascular system, softens muscles, relieves stress and relaxes.
At the beginning of the procedure a respective therapeutic water jet and bubble programme is selected according to the customer’s wishes and pursuant to physician’s recommendations. During the procedure a patient sits in a special bath where water jets from bath walls make the water whirl. Water temperature is 35-37 C.
9.00 EUR
/ 20 min.
Pearl bath
You can enjoy body micromassage with fine air bubbles in pearl bath in warm water (temp.35-37Cº). The procedure improves blood circulation, gives positive emotions, reduces tiredness and agitation. The procedure has a soothing effect.
Pearl bath is recommended for people with: blood circulation and blood supply disorders, muscle diseases, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders, joint diseases, varicose veins, stress and backache.
7.50 EUR
/ 20 min.
Weight regulating massage with a silicone glove
Massage for elimination of aesthetic issues The silicone glove used during this procedure improves microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat layer, stimulates development of elastin and collagen, ensures lymphatic drainage, thus reducing cellulitis in problematic areas of the body and making the skin more elastic. It contributes to detoxication of the body, enhances water-salt balance, and facilitates fat splitting and excretion.
It is recommended to combine this procedure with underwater massage to achieve better results. Problematic area massage at your choice: anti-cellulitis, toxin excretion or anti-stria contracting, using a special silicone glove.
12.00 EUR
/ 20 min.