Hydrotherapy helps to improve all body feeling.

Underwater massage of the whole body
Underwater massage is the whole body massage in the water which creates positive emotions and a feeling of peace, relaxes, soothes pain, improves metabolism and blood supply, it has a soothing or tonifying therapeutic effect. Underwater massage is also recommended during treatment of musculoskeletal system, in case of ligament sprain, osteochondrosis and injuries.
Underwater massage has a versatile effect on the body systems and organs: it improves functions of cardiovascular system, it improves metabolism, it has a favourable effect on joint and ligament system, it accelerates lymph flow.
25.00 EUR
/ 40 min.
Bubble bath
Hot and cold water is mixed in the water mixer and it is fed under pressure through holes into a bath where water jet massage is made. The procedure has a soft, massaging effect which improves blood circulation, eliminates swelling and soothes pain. It strengthens vascular system, softens muscles, relieves stress and relaxes.
At the beginning of the procedure a respective therapeutic water jet and bubble programme is selected according to the customer’s wishes and pursuant to physician’s recommendations. During the procedure a patient sits in a special bath where water jets from bath walls make the water whirl. Water temperature is 35-37 C.
12.00 EUR
/ 20 min.
Pearl bath
You can enjoy body micromassage with fine air bubbles in pearl bath in warm water (temp.35-37Cº). The procedure improves blood circulation, gives positive emotions, reduces tiredness and agitation. The procedure has a soothing effect.
Pearl bath is recommended for people with: blood circulation and blood supply disorders, muscle diseases, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders, joint diseases, varicose veins, stress and backache.
9.00 EUR
/ 20 min.