Electrotherapy or physical therapy is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes, In comparison with drug therapy, physical therapy is as efficient as it is harmless, more economically beneficial and more physiological.

Electrotherapy procedures are applied to treat:

  • Spine spondylosis, radiculitis;
  • Pain in the back, joints, bones and muscles;
  • Adhesions, scar tissues;
  • Indolent ulcers;
  • Complications after bone fractures, dislocations, ligament sprain, contusions;
  • Headache;
  • Vascular leg diseases (varicose veins, inflammation of veins);
  • Lymphostasis;
  • Ear, nose, throat diseases;
  • Lung diseases (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia).

Electrotherapy procedures are recommended by a physician. The procedures improve metabolism, improve blood and lymph circulation, mobilize defence mechanisms of the body. Electrotherapy affects the body through the skin, mucous membranes, airways, tissues and organs, helping to improve blood and lymph circulation, stimulate absorption processes in the tissues, soothe the pain, reduce oedema, inflammation, regulate impaired functions of organs, and enhance defence forces of the body.

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Health Centre Baltezers offers the following physical therapy services

Electrophoresis is based on the impact of direct current and drugs on the body. During electrophoresis and using drugs, drug ions are administered into the body through the skin or mucous membrane. Drug ions introduced into the body first accumulate in the skin. Then they are gradually absorbed and get in the general blood circulation. Drug ions operate both locally and in the entire body.
Amplipulss therapy is recommended in case of: ENT diseases, neuroses, hypertensive disease, diseases of peripheral nervous system (intercostal neuralgia, radiculitis, etc.), diseases of digestive organs and lungs, excessive hand sweating, etc.
5.00 EUR
Amplipulss therapy has anaesthetic, neuromyostimulating therapeutic effect. It uses electric vibrations which affect nerve endings and blood vessels in tissues, muscles.
Amplipulss therapy is recommended in case of: backache, pain in knee, shoulder and other joints, it helps eliminate urinary incontinence in children, impaired leg movements, efficient in case of slow bowel movement.
5.00 EUR
Medical microwaves
Microwave therapy has anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic effect. It improves tissue nutrition, facilitates tissue regeneration, enhances functions of vegetative nervous system.
Microwave therapy is recommended in case of: ear diseases, treatment of paranasal sinus inflammations, treatment of various articulation issues.
5.00 EUR
Ultrasound therapy
Ultrasound therapy is high-frequency mechanic oscillations which are applied as a beam to tissues.
This therapy is recommended in case of: articulation and spine diseases, strains of ligaments and muscles, acute and chronic inflammatory processes, purulent inflammatory processes, respiratory diseases, gynaecological diseases, skin diseases, stimulation of scar tissue absorption, cosmetic objectives, including cellulite.
5.00 EUR
Laser therapy
Laser radiation has anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous and vasodilating effect. They reduce blood vessel tone, improve peripheral blood circulation and enhance defence mechanisms of the body. Unlike drug techniques, laser therapy is dosed, non-invasive and causes no side effects. Laser therapy can be applied to treat acute diseases and exacerbations of chronic diseases.
Laser therapy is especially efficient in case of: treatment of diseases of the back, treatment of paranasal sinus inflammations, treatment of knee joints.
6.00 EUR
Ultra short wave therapy (USW)
Ultra short wave therapy uses electric oscillations of radiowave frequencies.
This therapy is recommended in case of: diseases of respiratory organs (tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.), treatment of articulation diseases, including fluid in articulations, in case of muscle and tendon sprain and rupture, various inflammations, including purulent inflammations (carbuncles, furunculi, etc.), ENT diseases, e.g., ear inflammations, treatment of gynaecologic inflammations.
5.00 EUR
Magnetotherapy uses weak pulsing magnetic fields.
This therapy is recommended in case of: consequences of sports injuries, especially tendon and ligament strains, in case of knee meniscus injury and chondropathy, in case of venous thrombophlebitis.
5.00 EUR
Heat applications
This therapy affects superficial tissues of the body, improves blood and lymph circulation which enhance tissue nutrition, absorption and excretion of harmful products caused by a disease, and regeneration of damaged tissues. It relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous layers, soothes pain.
This therapy is recommended: during treatment of musculoskeletal diseases (e.g., chronic inflammations of joints, tendons and muscles related to restricted movements, oedema and pain), during treatment of indolent ulcers, during treatment of nervous system diseases, to soften hard and painful scars, during treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis.
4.00 EUR