Physiotherapy is a movement therapy technique involving special technologies, remedial exercise and manual therapy. Physiotherapy successfully cures diseases related to movement impairment, bone, muscle, articulation and ligament issues.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes, In comparison with drug therapy, physical therapy is as efficient as it is harmless, more economically beneficial and more physiological.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapist works with people of all age groups starting from prematurely born babies and ending with retired persons.


Underwater massage is the whole body massage in the water which creates positive emotions and a feeling of peace, relaxes, soothes pain, improves metabolism and blood supply, it has a soothing or tonifying therapeutic effect.

Salt therapy

Salt destroys bacteria and fungi on mucous membranes and strengthens the immune system. That’s why children who underwent salt therapy are considerably stronger and fall ill less often.