Duration of a group session 50 min.

Group sessions schedule
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Pilates 8:00/18:00  18:30 8:00  10:00
Gymnastics for kids and teens 17:00
Aerobics 19:30
Healthy back 18:00 18:00
TRX  19:00
Fight aerobics 19:00 19:00
Gymnastics for mums-to-be 17:00
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    Pilates is a sparing and very efficient exercise system which strengthens back and abdominal muscles, facilitates correct movement mechanism. Pilates trainings consist of flowing, unhurried movements that slightly remind dancing. Pilates training involves large superficial and small deep muscles which support the spine and joints. Pilates is especially recommended for people with postural disorders and spine diseases, and for people who work at a computer for many hours.

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    Fight aerobics

    Fight aerobics are trainings of average and high intensity aimed at improving and enhancing heart functions, reduce overweight (special attention is drawn to removal of belly fat), improve muscle endurance and strengthen bone mass, achieve correct posture, and get rid of everyday stress.

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    Average intensity training with a simple choreography or simple series of steps. The training includes warming up, cardio part and abdominal exercises on a mat, and stretching at the end of the training. The load is reduced or increased accordingly for people with different levels of training, therefore we invite people of different ages to join the training, including those who have not exercised before.

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    Exercise for mums-to-be

    During training for pregnant women they learn how to breath and exercise correctly. Physical training during pregnancy is very important and necessary in order to get ready for coping with physical and emotional load during delivery, The training involves warming up, aerobic part, and strength and flexibility exercises.

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    Healthy back

    Prevention is the best treatment of backache. Therefore we invite to the sessions not only those who have already had back-related issues, but also the people who want to prevent eventual back-related issues in due time. Exercises are made in prone position, in four standing position and in sitting position. Accessories such as stability balls, drum-bells, etc. are used during the training.

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    Power Group

    At Health center “Baltezers”You can find development exercise group for children under the guidance of a certified physiotherapist.