HUR pneumatic exercise machines

Suitable for patients with injured spinal cord. The patient can easily move from a wheelchair to the exercise machine seat and regulate resistance on the display installed near the seat.


An ergotherapist can give useful consultations how to adapt the environment to the needs of a spinal patient. A specialist can teach how to make daily and self-care activities correctly and easily.

Treadmill with body mass relief device

Applied for tread training and verticalisation of patients with paraparesis and paraplegia. The patient is suspended in a special belt which relieves lower extremities. When the treadmill is on, the patient is able to do normal tread cycle training.

Water procedures

Health Centre Baltezers offers water procedures which often help to reduce spasticity. The health centre offers pearl bath, whirlpool bath and underwater massage.

Motomed movement therapy

Special MOTOmed exercise machines are used in Motomed movement therapy. This therapy is recommended for patients after stroke, patients with multiple sclerosis, spastic paralysis, cerebral paralysis, various muscle diseases, lung diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and when treating any type of restricted movements.

Physiotherapy (individual or group sessions)

Health Centre Baltezers certified physiotherapists offer specialised remedial exercise sessions for patients with impaired spinal cord. Specialists also give massage which often helps to relieve tension in the shoulder girdle and spasticity in upper extremities.

Electrotherapy procedures

Physical treatment procedures are prescribed after consultation with physician-rehabilitologist. For instance, heat applications and electrostimulation are used in rehabilitation of spinal patients.