Lectures “New Parent’s School”

The Health Centre Baltezers offers a 2-lecture cycle “New Parent’s School”. These lectures are recommended to attend starting from week 30 of pregnancy. In the first lecture you will receive information about the last trimester of pregnancy, the precursors of childbirth and childbirth itself, as well as about breathing exercises, postures and types of relaxation. In the second lecture you will be informed about the postnatal period, breastfeeding and taking care of the child. The lectures will be read by the midwife and breastfeeding consultant Anda Kalpina, and at the end of lectures you will receive a stamp in your Mother’s Passport. It is recommended to attend the lectures wearing comfortable clothing.

Upon request we also offer lectures on the following topics:
Child care, handling
Taping during the pregnancy and postnatal period

Breastfeeding consultation

Length of one lecture – 2 hours
Price for one lecture – 25 EUR

May June July August September
1st session   10. 7. 5.  2.
2nd session   17. 14. 12.  9.