Baby handlingparents’ handling when tending to a baby

Since the very first days of baby’s life correct care is necessary for baby’s full and harmonious development (dressing, touching, lifting, changing diapers, etc.). Unfortunately, unconsciously incorrect parents’ handling often causes postural and motor development issues in children.

Physiotherapist’s consultation about handling is recommended for correct baby care. The recommended time for physiotherapist’s consultation in order to learn handling is during pregnancy and the first weeks of the baby’s life.

50 min. / 25.00

Massage and exercisesfor improvement of babies’ motor and mental development

It is recommended to exercise and massage babies starting from the third month of their life when physiological muscle tone of legs and arms is decreasing and when first physical movements of the baby start developing (turning, rolling, posture control, head control, etc.).

Scientists have proven that babies who were massaged and exercised regularly throughout their first year of life overtake their peers in terms of physical force and maturity of mind. They also catch the cold three times more seldom, and suffer from pneumonia five times more seldom. Regular massage stimulates physical growth, brain development, trains the body, has a favourable effect on blood circulation, breathing and metabolism.

Babies are often referred to physiotherapeutic exercises by a physician, however, parents are recommended to attend a physiotherapist without doctor’s referral to make sure about correct dynamics of baby’s motor development.

Our physiotherapists apply various methods, including Bobath method, Vojta method in massage and exercises for babies. This method helps children better understand and feel their body which allows learning correct, symmetrical poses and movements. During the first year of the life it is especially important to learn how to use hands, hold the head, then roll, crawl, sit, get up and finally stand and walk. All these skills provide the basis for optimal posture and gait. At the same time it has an indirect effect on child’s language, cognitive and social development, as motor and mental development are closely connected in infancy.

25 min. / 12.00