Massage combined with exercises

Health Centre Baltezers offers massage for children which is often combined with exercises, e.g., if a child is under 3 years and very lively and active. Doctors recommend massage for children with movement disorder or postural changes which are easy to correct in the childhood.

Massage can also help children suffering from respiratory diseases. Special exercises and drainage technique can stimulate expectoration and discharge from airways.

15 – 45 min. / 8.00 – 20.00

Massage for the baby

Massage has a relaxing, regulating effect on the treated area and the body in general.

Massage fortifies muscles, tones blood circulation and lymphatic system, stimulates operation of digestion system, improves coordination and general development of the baby.

Massage for babies (3 months – 1 year old) are performed:

  • In case of increased or reduced muscle tonus (accordingly to symptomatic);
  • To reduce asymmetry of the body;
  • Correct inborn deformations of the feet;
  • At dysplasia of hips (under development);
  • To reduce anxiety;
  • To reduce disturbed sleep;
  • To reduce problems with digestion (colic, constipation).

To obtain better and faster result it is recommended to combine it with movement therapy and Handling (correct holding and dealing with the baby). You can perform it for a particular body part or the whole body (depending on the problem). Length of the treatment, approximately, 15 min to 30 min.

For a healthy child massage is recommended approximately from 3-6 months (until the child starts crawling).
Up to 3 months of age, parents of the baby should learn how to correctly perform everyday activities (Handling), to reduce possibility of asymmetry, imbalance of muscle tonus. If the massage is prescribed for the baby due to medical problems, then it has no age limitation as a therapeutic activity.

Do not perform the massage:

  • In case of any acute illnesses,
  • In case of rash on the skin,
  • In case of cramps (also hyperthermia).
  • If vaccination is planned, perform the massage not earlier than 3 days after the vaccine.

Massage for children (1 – 16 years old) are performed:

  • In case of respiratory illnesses (bronchi draining problems);
  • After the surgery or bone fractures (after removing of cast) to improve elasticity of cords and muscles, improve blood circulation, lymph circulation;
  • To increase or reduce muscle tonus (depending on symptomatic);
  • Reduce asymmetry of the muscles of the body (posture asymmetry, scoliosis);
  • Reduce pain and muscle tension;
  • Regulate operation of Central Nervous System;
  • Regulate operation of the systems of other organs;
  • Control weight;

Do not perform the massage:

  • In case of any acute illnesses,
  • In case of rash on the skin,
  • In case of cramps

Length of the treatment 15 min. – 60 min.

To obtain faster and more lasting results, it is recommended to combine with therapeutic exercising with physiotherapist or other specialist (ergo therapist, nutrition specialist).