Baby school

Health center Baltezers offers group classes for mothers and infants – the Baby school. The classes are provided by a certified physiotherapist Inese Feldmane and a certified ergo therapist Mairita Švāne. During the classes the mothers will have the opportunity to learn about the development of a child, to engage in discussions with other mothers and actively engage with their baby to continue the activities at home, as well as to let their baby communicate with other infants.

Starting from September, the Baby school will be complemented by additional classes for children aged 1 to 2 years. In these classes our ergo therapist Mairita will introduce mothers and children with various development activities and talk about socialization and communication skills. Together with Mairita we will improve the motor skills of the children and participate in various creative activities, which will promote the sensory integration and stimulation of the child.

45 min. / 6.00