The history of Medical Centre Baltezers began in 1953 with the foundation of Republican Children’s Tuberculosis Sanatorium Baltezers. Rehabilitation Centre Baltezers which specialised in children’s rehabilitation was created on the base of Republican Children’s Sanatorium in 1993. In 2000 the Rehabilitation Centre was expanded and an out-patient department was opened; the centre started offering rehabilitation services to adults with diseases of musculoskeletal system, articulations and back. In 2007 resort hotel Baltvilla was built which enabled patients get medical rehabilitation services while staying at the hotel.

The company has 16-year experience in the sector of medical rehabilitation services. HC Baltezers ensures outpatient rehabilitation providing patients with accommodation, sports activities and other services. HC Baltezers has entered into contractual relations with the National Health Service for provision of medical services paid by the state and with the leading health insurance companies.

The company development strategy is aimed at improvement of service quality offered to customers and launch of new services based on scientific study sources, contemporary requirements according to modern technologies and consumers’ needs.