Nutritionist starts working in the Health Centre Baltezers

In March of this year a certified nutritionist with acquired health sciences Master’s degree in Nutrition Science Gundega Rudzīte–Aņiščenko will start working in the Health Centre Baltezers. Gundega says about herself: “My motto is – freedom and delight! Food is delight, but as soon as we try to limit it, we don’t get any satisfaction. We won’t become extra healthy or thin by restricting and torturing ourselves. I don’t count calories, instead follow balance and moderation.”
By applying for a consultation of the nutritionist you will become informed on healthy nutrition, its basic principles, nutrition for prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as about the necessity for food supplements.

Nutritionist consultations are necessary for people with :

•        overweight and obesity
•        insufficient fatness
•        eating disorders – bulimia and anorexia
•        high level of cholesterol
•        cardiovascular diseases
•        large physical load
•        celiac disease
•        anaemia
•        digestive system diseases
•        thyroid pathology
•        chronic constipation, diarrhea
•        diabetes mellitus
•        vitamin and mineral deficiency
•        intolerance of different products
•        before and after surgeries
•        pregnant and lactating women
•        kindergarten and school-age children
•        everybody who wants to assess and balance his or her diet

A nutritionist is a medical person, who can work creatively and professionally in the field related to nutrition, use his or her knowledge and skills efficiently in preserving, improving, strengthening of health, as well as for prevention and treatment of diseases.

Prices of nutritionist’s consultations:

For adults:
First consultation for adults 25.00 EUR (60 min.).
Repeated consultation for adults 15.00 EUR (30 min.)

For children (up to 18 years of age)
First consultation for children 20.00 EUR (60 min.).
Repeated consultation for children 12.00 EUR (30 min.)

Days of nutritionist’s consultations:

18 March
18 April
16 May
13 June